What does the name Uncle Buy Me mean?

My sister recently died of breast cancer when she was only 43-years-old, leaving behind a husband and 9-year-old son.  From the day my sister found out she was pregnant, my husband starting buying her baby presents -- he even bought a tiny sweatsuit and had the baby's nickname monogrammed onto it.  My sister and family started calling my husband Uncle Buy Me because he always had a present with him for her and the baby.  My sister loved my ornaments and I often worked on them while I stayed with her at the hospital, hanging them from her IV poles and decorating her room.  And so, the name Uncle Buy Me is in memory of my sister, Susan Sgritta Valenti.

What are the shipping costs?

All ornaments are shipped Priority Mail, with a Tracking Number, the same or next business day after receiving your payment.  The cost is $6.00 for the first ornament which is the exact price it costs me to mail the ornament.

Every ornament you purchase after that is shipped for FREE when it is included in that same shipment!

Do you accept custom orders?

I love custom orders!  Feel free to email me at:  kathicarella@gmail.com or click on the "Contact" link at the top right hand side of this page to discuss themes, fabrics and prices.

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